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.Net Programming Old Paper [2017] in Diploma

Course: Information Technology
Code: 6033

Year/Sem.:  III Year / VI Sem

Time: 2.30 Hrs.    M.M.: 100

Section 'A'

Note: Attempt any 10 questions.  2 x 10 = 20

1. The CLR is the execution engine for the .Net framework. (True/False)
2. Garbage collection automatically releases the memory when an object can no longer be used.   (True/False)
3. The window form used creates a GUI application for windows.   (True/False)
4. Web form is used to create a window application.   (True/False)
5. ASP.Net runs on the client-side.   (True/False)
6. To declare an array in C# in a pair of square brackets.   (True/False)
7. A .Net language, source code 1st compile to the MSIL code.   (True/False)
8. Boxing is used to convert the value type to protocol type.   (True/False)
9. Multithreading executes different parts of a program simultaneously.   (True/False)
10. Is C# code being unmanaged code?   (True/False)
11. C# language is an event-oriented language.   (True/False)
12. In C# identifier refer to the names of variables and classes created by the programmer.   (True/False)

Section 'B'

Note: Attempt any 5 questions.  5 x 6 = 30

13. What is threading? Explain all methods of the threading class.
14. Explain manifest and meta data?
15. Explain ADO and ADDO net in brief.
16. Write a program in C# to find the factorial of a number 5.
17. Explain different types of keywords used in C#.
18. Explain different exception class members.
19. Explain these terms
(a) WCF services    (b) XML scheme

Section 'C'

Note: Attempt any 5 questions.  5 x 10 = 50

20. What do you understand by the framework? How the .Net framework help in developing the applications?
21. Describe five common properties and five common events of the control in visual studio .Net.
22. How the control flow takes place in C#? Describe statements.
23. Explain the ASP .Net execution model.
24. Explain the Java script.
25. What is the use of text box, list box and combo box controls in a form with suitable example?
26. What is the concept of Garbage collection?