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Java Programming Old Paper [2017] in Diploma

Course: I.T
Code: 5038

Year/Sem.:  III Year / V Sem

Time: 2.30 Hrs.     M.M.: 75

Section 'A'

Note: Write full form of any Ten of the following.   10 x 1 = 10
1. The New operator.
(a) Returns points to a variable  (b) Create a variable called new
(c) Obtain memory for a new variable  (d) tells how much memory is available

2. Command to execute a compiled Java program is.
(a) Javac  (b) Java
(b) Run  (d) Execute

3. Which one is not supported by OOP?
(a) Abstraction  (b) Polymorphism
(c) Encapsulation   (c) Variable

4. A String is an...........
(a) Class  (b) Variable
(c) Array   (d) Data Type

5. JVM stands for ……………………
6. The output of the Java compiler is known as …………………
7. A subclass can call a contractor method to define by its superclass by use of the ……. Keyword.
8. A …………... is a collection of classes and interfaces.
9. An Exception is an object that is generated when a run time error occurs.  (T/F)
10. Java supports operator overloading.  (T/F)
11. lava docs not provide destructor.  (T/F)
12. If a class implements an interface, it must implement all the methods declared by the interface. (T/F)

Section 'B'

Notes: Attempt any 5 question.   5 x 6 = 30
13. What are the advantages of using Java?
14. Define Just-In-Time Compiler.
15. What is the functioning of the command-line argument?
16. What is the primitive data type available in Java?
17. What is the difference between while and do while-loop? Explain with example.
18. Define garbage collection.
19. Define interfaces and abstract classes?

Section 'C'

Notes: Attempt any 5 question.   5 x 7 = 35
20. What is the purpose of using constructor? Explain with suitable example.
21. How method overriding is accomplished in Java?
22. Define an interface. What are the uses of user interfaces?
23. Discuss the life cycle of an applet.
24. Define JDBC. Briefly explain its features.
25. Write short notes on the following:
(a) Polymorphism  (b) Threads.  (c) Package
(d) Final method  (e) Java Tokens