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Object Oriented Programming Using C++ Old Paper [2017] in Diploma

Course: I.T. / C.S.E.
Code: 4031

Year/Sem.:  Second Year/IV Semester

Time: 2.30 Hrs.    M.M.: 50

Section 'A'

Note: Attempt any 10 questions.   10 x 1 = 10

1. ___________operator in C++requires three operands.
2. A class declaration end with___________
3. Friend function can only access____________members.
4. A___________ class cannot be instantiated.
5. ___________operator is used to access the member of a class.
6. A constructor has same name as _______ name.
7. The private member of a class is not inherited. (True/False)
8. C++ never uses default constructor. (True/False)
9. Protected members are only available to the class. (True/False)
10. Do while loop is an exit control loop statement. (True/False)
11. De constructor invoked automatically when an object is created. (True/False)
12. Static variable are known as class variables. (True/False)

Section 'B'

Note: Attempt any 5 questions.   5 x 3 = 15

13. Differentiate procedural and object oriented approach.
14. Explain control statement in brief.
15. Explain constructor in brief.
16. Explain method overloading with example.
17. Write a program to print Fibonacci series.
18. Explain inline function in brief.
19. Write a program to print factorial of a given no. with the help of recursion.

Section 'C'

Note: Attempt any 5 questions.   5 x 5 = 25

20. Explain abstraction, polymorphism and encapsulation.
21. Differentiate object and class. Write a program using object and class.
22. Explain friend class with example.
23. Explain single inheritance with example.
24. Explain Virtual function with the help of a program.
25. Explain stream classes in detail.
26. Explain stream classes in detail.
(a) Access Specification  (b) Static Variables