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Internet and Web Technologies Old Paper [2018] in Diploma

Course: I.T
Code: 4033

Year/Sem.: Second Year/IV Semester

Time: 2.30 Hrs.     M.M.: 50


Attempt any ten questions.  1*10 = 10

1. _________ links two webpages that are part of a single website.
2. A__________ is work station.
3. _________is a computer linked to internet.
4. The second layer of TCP is__________
5. Video conferencing is the combination of__________ and __________
6. The default colour of hyperlink is______
7. Every file on internet has a unique URL.  (T/F)
8. The full form of CGI is common gateway interrupt.  (T/F)
9. Java script is server-side scripting language.  (T/F)
10. Java script has capability of automatic type conversion.  (T/F)
11. A PHP script should start with__________ and end with___________
12. AJAX stands for asynchronous Java and HTML with XML.  (T/F)


Note: Attempt any Five question.  5*3=15

13. Explain Internet issues.
14. Explain different types of modem.
15. Explain Proxy server.
16. Explain working of email on Internet.
17. Write a program in Java script to insert three elements in Array and sort them.
18. Write a program in PHP to find addition of 1 to 20.
19. How AJAX works? Explain.


Note: Attempt any Five question.   5*5=25

20. Explain $_GET and $_POST variables and write a program to get values from form in PHP.
21. How to create database in MYSQL? Create a table and insert value to the table.
22. Explain validating forms using Java script.
23. Create a web page in HTML which contains a hyperlink, image and a table of four column with border.
24. Define FTP, Telnet, IRC.
25. Write short notes.
   (a) E -Commerce    (b) Video Conferencing
26. Write short notes in:
   (a) URL    (b) XML