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Internet and Web Technologies Old Paper [2016] in Diploma

Course: I.T
Code: 4033

Year/Sem.: Second Year/IV Semester

Time: 2.30 Hrs.     M.M.: 50

Note: Attempt any 5 questions.

1. (a) What do you mean by Internet. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.  5
(b) What is modem. Explain different types of modem.    5

2. (a) Explain E-commerce and its types.    5
(b) Define different connecting media.    5

3. (a) What is www. What are the various characteristics of www? How does it differ  5
(b) Explain the term search engine   5

4. (a) What do you mean by Web Browser. List some web browser.  5
(b) Explain any fifteen (15) tag of HTML with example.   5

5. (a) What is list in HTML. Define various types of list.  5
(b) Explain client-side scripting with example.   5

6. (a) What is PHP. Explain the features of PHP.   5
(b) What is form. Define process of creating of page using form m HTML.   5

7. Explain any four:   2.5*4=10
(1) My-SQL
(2) URL
(3) Telnet
(4) TCP/IP
(5) CGI