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Data Structure Using C Old Paper [2018] in Diploma

Course: C.S.C
Code: 1014

Year/Sem.: Second Year/IV Semester

Time: 2.30 Hrs.     M.M.: 100

Note: Attempt all three sections are compulsory.


Attempt any ten questions.  2*10=20
1. The full form of CALLOC is_____________
2. __________ is known as first node of tree.
3. Back tracking is in ____________ linked list.
4. Two nodes are___________ if they are left & right child of same node.
5. The full form of AVL is___________
6. The full form of De-Queue____________
7. The full form of BFS is___________
8. Length of Array = UB + LB + 1  (True/False)
9. The Queue will be empty if FRONT = Null  (True/False)
10. Time complexity of Quick sort is 0(n2).   (True/False)
11. The maximum number of nodes at any level n is 2n.  (True/False)
12. In stack, condition of overflow is: Top = size -1.   (True/False)

Section – B

Note: Attempt any Five questions  5*6=30
13. Write short notes
(i) Top down approach    (ii) Bottom up approach
14. What do you understand by Data structure. Explain its operations.
15. Write down about
(i) Complexity  (ii) Degree
(iii) Malloc ()   (iv) Pointe
16. Write down the difference between Array and linked list with example.
17. What is Bubble sort? Explain with algorithm and example.
18. Write a program for Binary search.
19. What is Queue. Explain circular queue with example.

Section - C

Note: Attempt any Five questions   50*10=50
20. Construct a binary tree with the help of
Pre order:   A B C D F H J M K E G I L N
In order:   A D J M H K F C I N L G E B
21. What is stack? Explain with the help of PUSH and POP algorithm.
22. What is graph? Explain all types of graph.
23. Explain recursion? Write C-function for POW (a, b) using recursion.
24. Write a C-program to implement transpose of a matrix.
25. What is Traversing? Explain three traversing techniques with example.
26. Connect the following into Postfix
(i) A*(B + D)/E-F*(G + H/K)   (ii) (A + B t D)/(E-F) + G