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Computer Organization and Microprocessor Old Paper [2018] in Diploma

Course: I.T
Code: 4032

Year/Sem.: Second Year/IV Semester

Time: 2.30 Hrs.     M.M.: 75

Note: Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Section – A

Note: Attempt any Ten questions.    10*1=10

1. Size of General-purpose Register in 8085 microprocessors is............
2. Program counter stores the............ of next instruction is to be executed.
3. In 8085 microprocessor signal lines A15 - A8 (Pin 28 to Pin 21) are identified as........ Bus.
4. TRAP has height priority in 8085 microprocessor interrupt system.  (True/False)
5. In 8085 microprocessors Decode instruction is executed before fetch.   (True/False)
6. The flag register is the status register of microprocessor which reflects the result of ALU.   (True/False)
7. The second part of the instruction is the data to be operated on is called operand.   (True/False)
8. JMP is 2-byte instruction.  (True/False)
9. Data is stored in register rather than memory is called...........addressing mode.
10. In Two’s complement representation there are multiple representation for zero.   (True/False)
11. The intel 8085 microprocessor has a 16-bit wide address bus.    (True/False)
12. In memory I/O scheme, the input /output device is connected to the microprocessor as a memory location.    (True/False)

Section – B

Note: Attempt any Five questions.   5*6=30

13. Write the names of various registers of 8085? Write their functions too.
14. Define various types of addressing modes of 8085 microprocessor with suitable examples.
15. Define stack? Write the function of stack pointer? Define push and pop operation?
16. Write an assembly language program to add two 8-bit numbers?
17. Write short note on Assembler & compiler.
18. Draw timing diagram for memory read operation.
19. Write down the difference between JMP and CALL instructions.

Section – C

Note: Attempt any Five questions.  5x7=35

20. Define input/output (I/O)? Discuss memory mapped and program driven I/O.
21. Define interrupt? How nested interrupt is generated and handled?
22. Define control unit? Explain in brief hardwired and microprogrammed control unit?
23. Define micro-program? Explain in brief vertical and horizontal micro-programming.
24. Draw a pin diagram of 8085 micro-processor? Write name of each pin in that diagram.
25. Define pipelining? Draw timing diagram of five stage pipeline? How requires to process 1000 instructions?