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Computer Organization and Microprocessor Old Paper [2017] in Diploma

Course: I.T
Code: 4032

Year/Sem.: Second Year/IV Semester

Time: 2.30 Hrs.     M.M.: 75

Note: Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Draw the pin diagram of 808 µP (microprocessors) and write the function of each pin.
Draw and Explain 8085 functional diagram.    15

2. Attempt any two questions?
1) Define addressing modes. Describe various addressing modes supported by 8085 µP (microprocessors).
2) Define instruction set, Describe in brief zero-address, one-address, Two-address instructions.
3) State the difference between the following terms.
  (i) Non-maskable and maskable.
  (ii) Software and hardware interrupt.

3. Attempt any two questions.   15(2*7.5)
(i) Differentiate between synchronous and asynchronous data transfer.
(ii) Explain the working of the DMA controller.
(iii) What is an interrupt? Explain all types of interrupt used in 8085 µP.

4. Attempt any two questions.  15(2*7.5)
(i) Define the execution of an instruction. The Draw timing diagram of fetch, read and write, cycle of instruction.
(ii) Write a program in Assembly Language to add two given numbers.
(iii) Define registers Write various types of registers and their functions used by 8085 µP.

5. Short notes an any three:   15(3x5)
(a) Stack
(b) Pipelining
(c) Memory
(d) Vector Processing
(e) 8255 PPI