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System and Software Engineering Old Paper [2018] in Diploma

Course: I.T. / C.S.E.
Code: 4018

Year/Sem.:  Second Year/IV Semester

Time: 2.30 Hrs.    M.M.: 100

Section 'A'

Note: Attempt any 10 questions.  10 x 2 = 20

1. The full form of COCOMO is....................
2. The full form of SDLC is...................
3. a tool that depicts the flow of data through a s/w.
4. ............... model in s/w development is used to analyse & resolve risks in the s/w project.
5. ............... between two modules is a measure of the degree of interaction.
6. ................and.....................are two types of questionnaires.
7. Cohesion is a measure of functional strength of a module.  (True/False)
8. SRS is a document that is prepared before taking requirements from the customers.   (True/False)
9. Function point matric is used to estimate size of s/w directly from the problem specification.  (True/False)
10. Basic COCOMO model is used to calculate effect.  (True/False)
11. In Black box testing, the depth knowledge about the programming and internal functions of the project.  (True/False)
12. S/w design of a project act as a bridge b/w problem domain and solution domain.   (True/False)

Section 'B'

Note: Attempt any 5 questions.  5 x 6 = 30

13. What is feasibility study? Explain types of feasibility study?
14. What is system? Explain the characteristics of a system.
15. Why the spiral model is called meta model? Explain.
16. Write down the difference between cohesion and coupling?
17. What is DFD? Explain its with symbols.
18. Explain McCabe’s complexity.
19. Difference between
  (i) Software Process
  (ii) Software Project

Section 'C'

Note: Attempt any 5 questions.  5 x 10 = 50

20. What is SDLC? Explain its all phases.
21. What is COCOMO? Explain types of COCOMO model.
22. What is SRS? Explain characteristics of SRS.
23. What do you understand by Planning? What are the different activities involve during project planning?
24. Differentiate b/w/
  (i) Open and close system
  (ii) Black box and white box testing
  (iii) Questionnaire and Interviews
25. What do you mean by documentation? Write the guidelines for writing a good documentation.
26. What are various methods to estimate project size.