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Computer Application Old Paper [2015] in Diploma

Course: I.T.
Code: 3033

Year/Sem.: Second Year/Third Semester

Time: 2.30 Hrs.     M.M.: 80

Note: Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) Fill in the blanks
(i) GIF stands for............
(ii) ........tool is used to move and resize the picture in Photoshop.
(iii) JPEG stands for..........
(iv) The extension of the Photoshop file is..............

(b) State true or false —
(i) 3d effect is available in Photoshop.
(ii) Freehand tool is in Corel Draw.
(iii) We cannot edit the master pages in PageMaker.
(iv) ABS () function return the average of the arguments.

2. (a) What is Macro.? How is it created in MS-Word?    15
(b) What is Mail Merge operation? What are the steps involved in Mail Merging?

3. (a) What is spreadsheet? Describe all components of the spreadsheet in view of MS-Excel.
(b) Explain the image editing tool and Gradient tool in Photoshop.

4. (a) What do you mean by DTP? Explain its salient features and advantages.      16
(b) Explain tools and their functions in PageMaker.

5. (a) How can you create charts and presentation in Corel Draw?       16
(b) Describe features of Photoshop with different filter action.

6. (a) Explain various types of offset printing. Discuss the components of offset printing.       16
(b) What is Input / Output devices used in DTP?

7. Write short note on any four—       4*4=16
(a) PD and PS files
(b) Screen printing
(c) Worksheet
(d) Vector graphics
(e) Chart and graph
(f) Header and footer