How to Hack Facebook Account Using Phishing Attack and Instagram 2020

In this tutorial, we will read about Facebook Hacking. We will know how we can easily hack anyone's Facebook account with the help of a phishing attack. And how can we find the user id and password of that person, this is a very easy way, just you all remain with me. You should not take any kind of the wrong advantage with these techniques. Okay then start the tutorial.

How to Hack Facebook Account

What do you Need in Facebook Hacking?

1. Knowledge of Phishing Attacks.
2. Knowledge of any Code Editor.
3. Some Knowledge of HTML and PHP.
4. One PC.
5. XAMPP Server.
6. One Browser.
7. Your Target Victim.

1. What is Phishing Attacks

The phishing attack is a part of a social engineering attack. It is used to steal data. In this login id passwords, sensitive information, credit card debit card numbers, etc information are stolen. This is when an attacker is a dummy page attacker sends his victim via e-mail, message, call, etc. by creating a dummy page and cheating his target victim and as soon as that person clicks on that link, he gets that dummy. reaches the page and all the information goes to the hacker as soon as you fill in your information on that page.

How to Hack Facebook Account using Phishing Attacks

2. Knowledge of any Code Editor

We will need Code Editor because Code Editor is a tool with the help of which we can easily change or modify the code of any programming language, we need a little bit of Code Editor if you have any There is no Code Editor, so you can download any of them like- Brackets, Notepad ++, Sublime Text, Atom, etc. If you do not download, you can use any of these by default Code Editor Notepad, if you do not know how to work on any of these Code Editor, then you can download any of these. Never mind you remained with me, I will tell you everything step by step. I am going to use Sublime Text in these tutorials.

Best Code Editor list

3. Knowledge of HTML and PHP

The Full form of HTML is HyperText Markup Language and PHP Full form is Personal Home Page. It has HTML Markup Language and PHP Scripting Language, you should know a little about these two, only then you can do these methods if you already have knowledge of programming, then it is a very good thing if you do not have So there is any need to take tension. I will tell you everything slowly you just stay with me.

html and php image

4. One Personal Computer (PC)

One personal computer (PC) is required because you will not have a PC or laptop, then how will you edit the login page of Facebook, so a computer is important, so if you do not have a PC or laptop, then it does not matter. I will give you the downloading link, which you can download and run directly, but you have to complete this article so that you are not confused, the whole doubt is clear.

Personal Computer PC

5. XAMPP Server

XAMPP is free of cost and open-source cross-platform. XAMPP developed by Apache Friends. XAMPP gives us by creating an Apache HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) server locally, with the help of which we can run our project locally. XAMPP is a very popular tool. download it. And continue the tutorial after this.

XAMPP server

6. Browser

You will need a web browser in this tutorial so that you can run the code of facebook easily. A browser is an application software for accessing the information on the WWW (World Wide Web). You can use any browser like- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. You can use any of these web browsers in which you are comfortable in which you can download it. I am going to use Google Chrome in this tutorial, if you want, you can use it.

web browsers

7. Your Target Victim

You should have a target of which you have to hack a Facebook account or Instagram account. After selecting your target, you first study- who he is, where he is, How is it, what he likes, how he will go on your sent links, not even if you want him How will you manipulate the concept of a phishing attack? If you come up with this method, then understand that you have come to a phishing attack.

Note:- I hope that you have followed all the steps above, if you have followed all the steps above, then you have not come down otherwise you will not be able to do this step properly, so you clear all this first. Then follow the next steps. I will tell you everything in only 3 steps, just follow me.

Let's go started

☆ Step First-

First of all, you go to the login page of the official website of Facebook (, Then after that when the page is fully loaded, then right-click on that page and view page source (Ctrl+U) Go to facebook, After going to page source of facebook, copy (Ctrl+C) that source code, Then after that you open your code editor and paste it (Ctrl+V) in it, To past After that you find out action=. Press Ctrl+F and press Enter after pasting action= in that dialog window. You will get this code by action= " device-based/regular/login/?login_attempt=1& amp;lwv=110" You can device-based/regular/login/?login_attempt=1& amp;lwv=110 Remove this code and write login.php and save it with index.html name. You go to this path: create a folder named under facebook, c:\xampp\htdocs\ and save it under the same index.html name. and most important thinks to start your XAMPP server.

Facebook Home Page

Facebook Home Page

Facebook Source Code

Facebook Source Code

Find action=

How to find action=

Save index.html

save index dot html this files

☆ Step Second-

You create a text file that is blank and save its name by log.txt. And save this file in the same path as c:\xampp\htdocs\facebook\ under.

how to hack Instagram account

☆ Step Third-

This is the last step, create your PHP file with login.php name and open this file in your code editor and copy and past all the code given below and save it.

< ?php
$handle = fopen("log.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value)
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

save this file login.php

Now go to your browser and type http://localhost/facebook/. In front of you, your Facebook dummy page will be open, in this, you can test whether it is working or not, by checking your user id and password, you can check as soon as you fill your user id and password. By clicking the login button, your user id and password will be saved in your log.txt file.

fill user name and password on facebook

User id and password will be saved in your log.txt file.

facebook username and password

Great User ID or Password was Found. Enjoy it...
You can use the same method on Instagram.

How to Get Rid-

You can find the real and fake page from the URL because the URL of real facebook page is different and the URL of fake facebook page is different.

You can buy your own domain name and hosting and upload it in the Cpanel and share the link to anyone.

Note:- This tutorial is only for your knowledge and a better experience. I do not mean to harm anyone through these tutorials. If you do harm someone, then you will be responsible for it yourself.

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