Introduction to Java

Java is a high level, object-oriented programming language. It is developed by James Gosling. It is developed at Sun Microsystems in 1995. The Sun Microsystems was gained by the Oracle Corporation in 2010. The first version of java (Java 1.0) released in 1995. The objective of Java is to compose a program once and after that run this program on various working frameworks. First name of java is Oak next goes to Green and finally becomes Java.

Features of Java

Platform Independent:- Java is called platform independent because a java program can be run on different kind of platform for example Window OS, Linux OS, etc.

Object-Oriented:- Java supports object-oriented programming structure and full based on the oops concept so it is called object-oriented.

Security:-Java is more secure language as compare to other programming languages. Java adds a class loader that separates the classes for a package of the local file system from imported ones from a network.

Portable:- A java program is written in one system can be run in any other system. In simple, a java program can be transferred from one system to another.

Simple:- Java is very simple and easy to learn for anyone.

Application of Java

• It is used to develop Window Application.
• It is used to develop Web Application.
• It is used to develop Android / Mobile Application.
• It is used to develop Games.