Classification of DBMS Users

In this course, we will study Classification of DBMS Users and their types like - database administrator, Database designer, End-user, System analyst, Application programmers.

Who are the Database management system users?

There are various types of users depending upon the requirement and roles they perform. These are the individuals who use and take full benefits of the database. All of them are mentioned below:

1. A database administrator (DBA)
2. Database designer (DD)
3. End-user
4. System analyst
5. Application programmers

Classification of DBMS Users

Who is a Database administrator (DBA)?

☆ These are the people or groups of persons who are responsible for the overall control or management of the database.
☆ These individuals have a working knowledge with a wide range of database management products

☆ They are the leaders of the system.
☆ They ensure the security of data from unauthorized access.
☆ Responsible for physical and technical aspects of database.
☆ All three levels are managed by the database administrator.

There are various responsibilities of DBA

1. It authorizes access to the database.
2. Monitors performance and responds to changing requirements.
3. Defines security and integrity checks.
4. Decides the instances for the database.
5. Responsible for backup and recovery.
6. Acquires software and hardware resources.
7. Communicates with users

Who is a database designer?

☆ It designs an appropriate structure for the database.
☆ They define the detailed database design.
☆ They find and organizes the information required.
☆ Its task is undertaken before the implementation of database.

There are various responsibilities of DD:

1. Defining the schema
2. Defining storage structures and access methods
3. Applying
normalization rules
4. Refine the design
5. Dividing information into tables
6. Specifying primary keys.

Who are End-users?

☆ Those individuals whose jobs require access to the database.
☆ Data is accessed from the terminal end.
☆ These are the persons for whom software programs and hardware devices are designed for.
☆ They update, generate and query the reports.

End-users in DBMS

Types of end-users

Casual end users

☆ Users who occasionally access database.
☆ Uses a sophisticated database query language to specify the request.
☆ Access different information every time.
☆ They write queries instead of programs.
☆ They have great knowledge of query language

Naive or parametric end users

☆ Their job is to constantly update the database.
☆ They don’t have any knowledge about database.
☆ These users make up a sizeable portion of end-users

Sophisticated end users

☆ These include scientists, analyst, engineers, and others who make themselves familiar to DBMS.
☆ These learn DBMS to the most in order to perform complex functions.

Standalone users

These are users who maintain their personal database by using program packages.

Who is a System analyst?

These work on higher levels in the organization and ensure the functioning of systems, infrastructures and computer systems.

They need to have knowledge about different operating systems, programming languages, and software and hardware platforms

System analyst

☆ They search for problems and finds solutions.
☆ They also recommend courses of actions to be taken and coordinates with stakeholders to meet the requirements specified
☆ They act as a liaison between clients and technical vendors.
☆ Analyze the requirements of users.
☆ Solves business problems by using IT.
☆ Designs systems to implement the changes required by the organization.
☆ They carry responsibilities of researching problems.
☆ They handle all the requirements of end-users.

Who are Application programmers?

☆ Writes various programs for application use.
☆ Creates applications programs that are Error-free, maintainable and scalable.
☆ They test and evaluate various applications.
☆ They are responsible for the development and maintenance of the program.
☆ They write specific programs.
Application programmers

☆ They interact with users via DML queries.
☆ They need to have knowledge about various programming languages.
☆ They are the creative people in the team.